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    Chapter One: A new World on Earth:

    Sam is a man. He loves treasure hunting around the world. He is the first character to choose on the sploder arcade creator.

    Mike is Sam’s assistant. He steers the boat and leads Sam to his destination. He is also a master of disguise.

    Setting: in a boat in the mist near the depths of the Bahamas. “The area is dark and intriguing; the mist is hard to look through. But, there is no time to turn around now. My name is Sam; I am on a quest to find the Mozenma treasure… Midnight…

    “Okay, it’s really is dark here. I think its best we turn on the lights”. Mike said.

    “No Mike. I think someone is following us"; Sam said. turning on the lights will possibly make them know our location. Yes, but the darkness is too much…

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    Original Review by m11dsauce on Thursday, March 10th 2016 Seriously, Go listen to it, it’s pretty good.


    Honestly, I didn’t expect Kidney (or known as Kai2003) to create a shooter game. The newer generation of game makers on this website mainly focus on the PPG or Platformer if they’re creative, which Kidney definitely does. So I didn’t expect much from this game, since this was boasted (for some reason?) to be a 2 hour project that he worked so hard on. But then again, I know that Kidney tries to put effort into games, so he may surprise me.


    One of the most important things to have in a game is to have thorough consistency. In the beginning, I expected a lavishly designed level that would’ve been aesthetically pleasing. Howe…

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    Original Review by m11dsauce on Wednesday, January 20th 2016

    I think it’s okay to say that Youngcaliman is probably one of the most respected members to ever come across this website. He has multiple EGL games (including this one!) and every single game of his since his beginning has been featured. Each and every game of his has a quality that very few can match up to. But, is it actually up to par with his other EGLs? Or is it all just hype?


    Just to start off, the story was touching. It was about a man who lost his child in an accident due to a man drinking while driving. And the gameplay is about the mental endeavours within his own mind, and to kill this man. Since it’s such a good story, I won’t spoil the rest of this poem for you…

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