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See Sploder Library Rules for information on how thing work.

Here are the rules on this wiki. We have these rules so you can know when to add them so things aren't confusing. Anyone who fails to follow these rules will automatically get them removed.

Creating Game Pages

There are different types of game pages to make. If your project isn't complete, you can create a beta test for it.

Gamers Guides

You can create a guide to beating a sploder game, but doesn't always have to be your game. You must include the original game creator(Use Sploder name)


There are three categories you MUST add.

  • The Page type i.e Gamers guide
  • The Original Game creator (Sploder Name, not Wikia)
  • The Creator type i.e Physics Creator.


For more information, view Help: Adding Reviews

Blog posts only. You can create reviews for OTHER PEOPLES GAMES ONLY. Not your own.


You may also create speculation. This is similar to a review, but instead you create a public page (NOT BLOG) on a game. The page cannot be biased. Later, the members can create comments for the page too.

Game Story

Here you can explain the story of your game. Its plot and it controls.


You must have three categories.

  • The Page type
  • Your sploder name
  • Game creator type.

Other Things

On your profile page for the wiki, the I am section of your info, say your sploder name. Finally, don't forget to share this wiki with sploder members.

Asking Steel

Also, you can ask Supersonic414 or Darksteel131. You can ask steel questions about the wiki or about Sploder. Doing so will give you all the details you need.

Anything Else?

Have any more questions? Just ask steel here!