An epic quest to find the evil Empress Emporia goes wild when you play as a young Man/Woman named Sam! Emporia messes up time by destroying the Clock Crystal and collecting all the Jewelry within it.

Play Style

  • You can play as Sam in a range of different designs! You basically choose the Gender!

Different level colors means more realistic designs.

  • Every level will have you doing a range of different puzzles, Making it difficult at the very first Level.
  • Various blocks will be used at different levels, giving us a chance to be creative!

Some Enemies

Fight various enemies like Lizzardo and Gary! Enjoy this fun project that is 100% complete!


  1. The game consists of 6 levels.
    1. Each level has 2 Areas or stages except the Mohjavi Falls.
    2. Area 1 has the Area mini boss, usually a test boss that prepares you for area 2
    3. Finally, the level boss is the Emperor Mike mentions at the beginning of the level
  2. Each area has a Jewel of Emporia. Collect these to get powers and special boosts. Also a large score bonus at the end of the game.

Meet the Emperors (and Empresses)

Along with Emporia, The Order is out to collect the Jewelry of the Clock Crystal. Sam must collect these fine pieces of Jewelry before they do, and stop Emporia!

The Emperors and Empresses

Sam's moves

Sam has a large amount if moves, it can also be upgraded by beating levels:

  • Use the < and > arrow keys to move
  • ^ key to make Sam jump
  • If you are going down hill, pressing the V arrow key will make Sam rush down the hill

Sam's Combos

  • You can press the V and < or > arrow keys to do a slide move*
  • You can press the ^ then V arrow keys to do a power stomp*
  • You can press the ^ then ^ arrow keys to do a Double jump*
  • You can press "Space" to fire your ice Magic*


Here are the list of levels you will be visiting.

Mohjavi Falls

An abandoned desert that has been flooded due to time twisting. This area is invaded with the Marauders, and it won't be long before it is completely flooded!

Mohjavi Falls

Ghouls Gauntlet

This is the cavern that leads to the Emporium. Enter this dark and scary cavern and face Granknight!

Ghouls Gauntlet

The Emporium

This interesting area will amaze you with its difficulty. The Emporium is not a place you'd want to visit your grandma at!

​*=If unlocked


The Emporium