[1]The Members LobbyMembers: 21192 | Rank: 402031

#1 Group on -Founded by elgamer - Advertise with over 20,000 members! -Link your games and they may get featured! -No requirements needed, just join in and have fun :)

[2]SploderMembers: 12689 | Rank: 288445

Enjoy sploder? Join this group today! Chat, Make friends and share your games!

[3]Army CorpsMembers: 8932 | Rank: 265655

This We'll Defend. Owned by Lonnie

[4]SplodersMembers: 5779 | Rank: 219350

President: 6zfwtdfx 5585 MEMBERS!!! Anyone can join. No rules.

[5]NolanAlexanderHunt's MilitiaMembers: 3352 | Rank: 188421

An Ultimate Sploder Group. --- Owned by Nolan. --- Current Rank: 4. --- Advertising allowed. --- Chat with fellow members. --- Co-owner: the sploder community. --- Together we will rise to the top!

[6]Destroyer!Members: 8375 | Rank: 169255

This group accepts every request. Here you can chat with all your friends and discuss random topics. Owned by Neal

[7].-._.- Cosmos Minds -._.-.Members: 2371 | Rank: 149231

Pluton`s group. If you like a good game...-._.-._.-._.-._.-

[8]Marine CorpsMembers: 1054 | Rank: 142727

"Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful) Owned by Lonnie. Well u did it. U made it to level 50 and for most even beyond. A prestigious level requires a prestigious group. Congratz and glad to have you here

[9]Star Wars GroupMembers: 5470 | Rank: 131877

Star Wars Group is now only the 5th highest group on sploder! People of Sploder, our group is for anyone! I accept everyone, so join! Invite your friends and join now! Created by: Jackkk

[10]∪∇ ⊕⊗Members: 3574 | Rank: 119782

∈⊇⊥∋ ‹←⌋‾I◊I‾⌊→› ∈⊥⊆∋

[11]The Best of All SploderMembers: 2502 | Rank: 108470

The Best of All Sploder founded by Tommy123. A group where you can make friends and have fun! =)

[12]Empoleon Fan Club034

Are you a fan of empoleon? Well, who isn't?! Join teh klub.