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Steel's response to your question:

Grenades are a great way to make your platformer more difficult. They also have a variety of uses


These are found in the Powerups section of the Platformer creator. Just click and drag them to the desired area.


Each set of grenades placed gives you 5 grenades. Grenades can destroy 50% of enemies on the creator.

Destroying Objects

The grenades can destroy certain platforms or walls:

  • Rocks: The rocks can be blown up with grenades only. BUT not underwater.
  • Brown Blocks: These can be destroyed using any weapon. But the grenades are the most effective.


There are several moves available:

  • Duck and throw: The player duck and jolts it forward.
  • Jump and Throw: Throws the grenade upward. Note: the player will throw the grenade normally if you do a normal jump because you wait one second to throw.
  • Double jump and throw: can only be executed if fired before second jump and if you have more than 3 grenades. The player will launch three grenades in a 360 degree formation.