Undeadspider was one of the first users on Sploder to really build upon the shooter and try new ideas, and this game definitely shows that. Chain Reaction was possibly the first puzzle-like game ever created on Sploder using many door puzzles- this game has also been often overshadowed by tookewl's 'Escapee' which was inspired by this great game. It features groundbreaking game mechanics that inspired many other game creators, and are still being used and improved upon to this day.This is the do-over of my most popular game, Chain Reaction. I know how much you guys love blood-and-guts, so in this version, unlike the original, I've added in a bit of space-ship smashing =D Just find your way through the doors to the crystal. Good luck!Undeadspider Says. The design is very unique, and with plenty of puzzles to solve and enemies/bosses to fight it still manages to be a fun and entertaining game. For a game made way back in early 2008, this game will not disappoint you.