The Avatar Editor is a special and easy creator that allows you to edit your "Sploderhead" There is a list of different categories that you can select.



There are 10 different categories that you can use to make your avatar unique.

Skin Style

The skin style allows you to change the skin color. The skin colors can be changed to green, blue, brown and etc.

Mouth Style

The style of the mouth can be changed to various styles, like a half smile, full smile, frown, and etc.

Nose Style

There are many nose styles, like a pig nose, small nose no nose, an anime nose and etc.

Eye Style

The eye styles can change the color and design of the eyes. Like red, blue, green and more.

Hair Style

The different hairstyles are very unique. While there are less styles for this particular section, it is still very "Uniqifing".

Extras Choice

The extras are a various list of items to add. Like hats, glasses, shades and etc.

Skin Color

See skin style

Eye Color

See eye style

Hair Color

This option changes the color of your hair style. Like red, blue, green and etc.

Extras Color

The option of the extra choice can be changed to what you want it to be.